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15th hat stroll

sevenapp | 2 April 2019

The Barcelona’s Hat Stroll invites you once again to take a walk with your hat! Join us as we
welcome Spring with our hats on! Whether you prefer classical elegance or wild
flamboyance, flat cap or top hat, beret or bowler, fascinator or turban, this is the ultimate
hat-lovers event and your chance to show off.
Organized by the Barcelona milliners Cristina de Prada and Nina Pawlowsky, this unique
event celebrated its first edition in 2005 and has gained in popularity every year since
inspiring similar events around the world.
The Stroll will take place on Sunday 28th April starting at 12 noon at the top of Rambla de
Catalunya with Diagonal at the ‘Flirtatious Giraffe’ sculpture and stroll from there down to
the junction of Rambla de Catalunya with Grand Via to the ‘Thinking Bull’ sculpture.
Frequently asked questions
Q. Must I sign up somewhere to participate?
A. You don’t have to sign up. Everyone can participate without previous inscription.
Q. The Spanish General Elections will take place on the same day as the Hat Stroll, will that
be a problem?
A. There is no incompatibility between the two things, and there is plenty of time to do
both, vote and stroll with your hat. You can also vote by mail.
Q. Do I have to pay to participate?
A. Not a dime. It’s a popular event on the street and you don’t have to pay.
Q. Can I go without wearing a hat, just to take a look?

A. This event takes place on the street and anyone can go to Rambla de Catalunya dressed
as they please. Having said that, the Hat Stroll is a participative event and what would be
the point of going to a Hat Stroll WITHOUT a hat?
Q. Can the whole family join in?
A. Of course. Many families participate in the Hat Stroll and all of them from old to young,
wear something on their heads. A good preparatory activity for the children is to dedicate
Saturday afternoon to hand craft their own hats out of cardboard.
Q. What happens if it rains?
A. We pick up our hats and our umbrellas. Even if it rains the Hat Stroll will go ahead.
Q. I’ve heard there’s a complimentary commemorative badge, how can I get one?
A. Ever since the 4th edition of the Hat Stroll every year a limited edition commemorative
badge has been made. To get yours you’ll just have to wear your hat and participate in the
Q. Does the Hat Stroll really start at noon?
A. Yes. From noon to 2 pm you can stroll at your leisure on Rambla de Catalunya between
the sculpture of the Flirtatious Giraffe (Diagonal) and that of the Thinking Bull (Gran Via).
After picking up you commemorative badge, all you have to do is enjoy the company and
the surroundings, walk about or stop to chat with your friends, take pictures or sit down
for a coffee, all while showing off your hat!
Q. I want to join in but I don’t know what to wear.
A. The Hat Stroll welcomes spring, so the ideal hat would be made out of straw or fabric,
but it’s perfectly fine if you wear a felt hat, the important thing is to be comfortable. In
what regards the style of clothing you can go as you please, there are people that dress up
for the occasion, and others go wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the Hat Stroll is open to
Q. Can I wear a disguise?
A. Please be aware that rather than being a Carnival, or costume event, this is a celebration
of millinery, a chic showcase for hats as an expression of style!
Q. I would participate but I don’t have money to buy a hat.
A. Don’t let money keep you from participating. Go to a specialized shop, you will be
surprised at the range of prices that you will find and very likely there’s something that
matches your budget. You can also explore the family closets, you might be delighted by

what you find there. There are people who have participated wearing a paper hat, why
Q. I don’t like it when people take my picture, can I ask not to be photographed?
A. The Hat Stroll attracts the attention of the press and all of those who participate enjoy
taking pictures and video, even the tourists go crazy with their cameras. It’s inevitable to
have your picture taken, so if you do not wish for that to happen you should not participate.
Although, knowing how wonderful you look when you wear a hat, why should you not wish
to have your picture taken?
Q. I’m a photographer, is it ok if I go and take pictures?
A. Of course, we welcome photographers, but when you pick up your camera remember
to also pick up your hat or you will stand out like a sore thumb in the crowd. We also
encourage you to donate some of your best pictures to be used on the promotion of the
event, you can contact us at passejada@ambbarret.com
Q. I’ve heard that the Stroll has sometimes coincided with a sporting event, will this happen
A. Not this year. We have managed to coordinate with the organizers and the two events
will not coincide. Good news for hat lovers who also like sports!

For more information:
m. 660 384 115