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Barcelona Oberta and employer Cecot sign a collaboration agreement

sevenapp | 4 December 2017


The President of Barcelona Oberta, Gabriel Jené, and the president of the Cecot and the Center of Reempresa of Catalonia, Antoni Abad, have signed a collaboration agreement to get the Reempresa service to the companies of Barcelona Oberta.

With this collaboration agreement, both Barcelona Oberta, an entity that groups together the 16 main commercial and tourist areas of the city of Barcelona, ​​such as the Cecot employer, consider that the Center of Reempresa de Catalunya, which allows to put in contact depositors and resellers , is a suitable mechanism to promote economic growth and the maintenance and creation of jobs and has instruments to involve the institutions, in order to coordinate them and make possible the concentration of data, information and knowledge about the process.

For Gabriel Jené, President of Barcelona Oberta, this agreement is important because “Reempresa is a useful tool for companies in the country and we also want it to be useful for the companies and business areas that are part of our association.”

Antoni Abad, president of the Cecot and the Center of Reempresa de Catalunya, “The involvement of institutions and institutions makes the project great” which aims to “achieve on the one hand that no profitable business goes down the blind and on the other hand The opportunity for companies, such as those that are part of Barcelona Oberta, to grow and expand lines of business in its same sector. ”

Therefore, as of this month, the companies and commercial axes associated to Barcelona Open will be able to go to the different points of attention of the Center of Reempresa where they will receive personalized attention. The objective of this collaboration is, on the one hand, to promote and structure the business transmission of the shops and axes associated to Barcelona Oberta and, on the other, to avoid the closure of economically viable businesses and the destruction of employment.

The most reputable economies of our surroundings have firmly committed themselves to a work of collaboration between different institutions and associations with the aim of encouraging the rethinking of their ability to generate wealth, innovation and employment at costs that are significantly lower than those of the creation, and at a much lower risk.

Favor the continuity of the companies
As important as the creation of companies is to promote the continuity and growth of existing ones. In this sense, the program Reempresa, promoted by the Cecot, is a new entrepreneurial entrepreneurship and growth model that consists of a mechanism according to which a new entrepreneur takes the testimony in the management of an existing company.

Reempresa started the service in 2011 and has achieved about 1,500 successful businesses, which have generated more than 67 million euros of investment induced and have saved more than 4,500 jobs in Catalonia. The retail sector accounts for 35.3% of all transfers across the country. 19% of successful businesses in the commercial sector have taken place in the city of Barcelona.

On the other hand, the reasons for transferring business are very diverse: from retirement (30%) to changes in profession (12.5%) or health problems (7.57%).

The agreement signed between the two entities means adding efforts, information and resources to increase the performance of a business growth model that could prevent the closure of the maximum number of companies during the execution time of the program in the city and Safeguard jobs, as demonstrated in these years of operation of the project.