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Barcelona Oberta wants to reopen the debate on business hours

sevenapp | 27 June 2019

Barcelona Oberta has shown the need to renew the current one
tourist shopping model to attend and manage the new tourist demand,
To adapt the trade to the reality of the sector and gain competitiveness.
The president of Barcelona Oberta, Gabriel Jené, defended the need for it
Commerce to attract non-resident buyers to preserve the commercial model, i
He pointed out that the city has great opportunities. Jené has mentioned the Fair of
Barcelona, ​​which is among the top ten in Europe with more than 2.5 million
of congressmen who take to Barcelona every year, or the celebration of adults
events like the Pride Barcelona, ​​the Primavera Sound or the Sónar, or the
Cultural potential of the city, with nine World Heritage buildings and the
museums for Picasso, Miró or Tàpies, among others. The recent heyday
as a technology hub, with more than 1,200 start-ups installed, and thousands of
Professionals who reside in the metropolitan area, it is also a good reclamation
from a commercial point of view.
According to the president of the entity, the great challenge to capture this new one
Demand is “the reorientation of the tourist model: the seasonalization of
the offer of the city throughout the year, more and better tourist promotion-
Trade of singular and emblematic trade, and diversification of the offer a
fate This happens to expand the commercial opening calendar and review
the current tourist business hours, in order to match them
Conditions with other Catalan, Spanish and European cities. ”
Against this background, and with the precedent of the resolution of the Court
Supreme in Cádiz last March, Barcelona Oberta wants to ask
the City Council of Barcelona “who alleges the commercial reasons,
Tourist and in the benefit of the consumer for the current restriction of schedules
commercials “.
Barcelona is the most important tourist town of the State and, on the other hand, it is located in
Inequality of conditions compared to other Catalan, Spanish and Spanish cities
European in terms of tourist shopping.

On April 25, 2016, the general director of Trade of the department
of Company and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia approved the
Application submitted by the Barcelona City Council on the determination of the
Barcelona tourist city regime. The resolution of April 25, 2016 goes
Declare as tourist areas, for business hours during the
periods between 5 and 24 May, both inclusive, and between
October 1st and 14th, both inclusive, in the 12h to 20h range for the
Sundays: El Raval, El Barrio Gótico, La Barceloneta, San Pedro, Santa Caterina
and La Ribera district of Ciutat Vella, El Fort Pienc, La Sagrada Familia, La
Right of the Eixample, the Old Left of the Eixample, The New Left of
the Eixample and Sant Antoni district of the Eixample, El Poble Sec, Hostafrancs i
Sants of the district of Sants-Montjuïc, La Salut, La Vila de Gracia and El Camp
d’en Grassot and Gràcia district of Gràcia, and Camp de l’Arpa del Clot del
Sant Martí district of the municipality of Barcelona.