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Jaume Collboni at the fourth Breakfast with the trade organized by Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta

sevenapp | 20 March 2019
Jaume Collboni announces the “Barcelona Easy” plan that will incorporate the abolition of the startup rate of economic activity
With this initiative, the City Council would stop paying € 1M, but it would be a clear commitment to promote the transversal economic activity of the city.

The candidate of the PSC in the mayor of Barcelona has defended the click & collect and would be in favor of creating a cup for the delivery of domicile.

Barcelona, ​​on March 20, 2019.- Jaume Collboni wants to attract investment and facilitate economic activity in the city of Barcelona. To do this, he moved ahead this morning to the fourth Breakfast with the trade of Barcelona organized by Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta with the collaboration of La Vanguardia, his Barcelona Easy Plan, which also includes the abolition of the rate of ‘start of economic activity, legal changes and licenses and revision of taxes. “Barcelona Easy is a signal for start-ups, students with projects and a facilitating way to regenerate commerce. If we do not believe wealth, we can not distribute it. ”

Collboni recalled that his party was the first to make a firm commitment to the IDB and is convinced that “this is the most appropriate model because the city’s trade gains the capacity to promote itself and develop itself. Barcelona’s’ He has done these last 30 years with public-private collaboration and it would be a sin that the City Council does not support such an initiative. ”

In relation to mobility, Jaume Collboni has shown against the widespread segregation of lanes, has identified individual electric mobility and sharing as major challenges for the city and has opted for a “walkable” city, such as the option more sustainable and healthy. Collboni also highlighted the effectiveness of the areas of traffic pacification and has assured not believe in the office superiors, but only those that have been designed establishing a relationship with the morphology of each area. Also, in relation to mobility, it has been shown in favor of recording electronic commerce, “e-commerce is a great opportunity for the city and its commerce, but it is necessary to rationalize the practices it has associated with. It is necessary to promote Pick up points, click and collect, and we are studying a rate for home delivery. ” Regarding the Diagonal tram connection, the candidate of the PSC has insisted on the positioning in favor of his party, as long as he has underlined, it is well studied in order to choose the technically and economically more efficient option. ”

For the mayor of the PSC, the great current problems of Barcelona are security and cleaning, “When that does not work, the city is not going. It is essential to talk about civics again and send everyone the message they have in the city Norms and what must be respected. All this has to do with the security and for that reason, it is necessary to extend the cash with 1,000 agents more than Guàrdia Urbana and 400 more Mossos d’Esquadra “.

During this breakfast with the merchants, emphasis has also been placed on the tourist promotion of Barcelona. Jaume Collboni said that “it is necessary to explain the city abroad, taking as a reference its gastronomy, architecture, urban planning, climate, … and also, commerce. Barcelona is not a city to go to the beach” has sentenced , that is why it proposes to recover the Barcelona brand, make tourism a service for the city and not vice versa and organize in Barcelona, ​​the Universal Exhibition of 2030. “We have the disregard for the city to dream again Great, and this event is a great opportunity that will help us revitalize spaces and place Barcelona at the forefront of digital cities. ”

About the Breakfasts with the Commerce of Barcelona

The two most representative entities of the commerce of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta, have launched the organization of the breakfast season with the Commerce of Barcelona to know the proposals committed in the first person of the candidates for the mayor of the city , around the policies related to the commerce of the city and related subjects. Specifically, the issues to be debated will be: the implementation of the BID’s -BusinessImprovement Districts-, mobility, tourist-commercial promotion and security and illegal trade.

It is the first time that Barcelona’s commerce – axes of proximity and tourist axes together – is committed to a format like this to ensure that their positions and negotia are collected directly by the candidates looking for real and feasible commitments that allow them to establish bridges, reinforce connections and generate consensus towards a common goal: to preserve and promote Barcelona’s trade as one of the main economic drivers of the city.