• Barcelona Oberta and employer Cecot sign a collaboration agreement | Barcelona Oberta

Barcelona Oberta and employer Cecot sign a collaboration agreement

sevenapp | 4 December 2017


The President of Barcelona Oberta, Gabriel Jené, and the president of the Cecot and the Center of Reempresa of Catalonia, Antoni Abad, have signed a collaboration agreement to get the Reempresa service to the companies of Barcelona Oberta.

With this collaboration agreement, both Barcelona Oberta, an entity that groups together the 16 main commercial and tourist areas of the city of Barcelona, ​​such as the Cecot employer, consider that the Center of Reempresa de Catalunya, which allows to put in contact depositors and resellers , is a suitable mechanism to promote economic growth and the maintenance and creation of jobs and has instruments to involve the institutions, in order to coordinate them and make possible the concentration of data, information and knowledge about the process.

For Gabriel Jené, President of Barcelona Oberta, this agreement is important because “Reempresa is a useful tool for companies in the country and we also want it to be useful for the companies and business areas that are part of our association.”

Antoni Abad, president of the Cecot and the Center of Reempresa de Catalunya, “The involvement of institutions and institutions makes the project great” which aims to “achieve on the one hand that no profitable business goes down the blind and on the other hand The opportunity for companies, such as those that are part of Barcelona Oberta, to grow and expand lines of business in its same sector. ”

Therefore, as of this month, the companies and commercial axes associated to Barcelona Open will be able to go to the different points of attention of the Center of Reempresa where they will receive personalized attention. The objective of this collaboration is, on the one hand, to promote and structure the business transmission of the shops and axes associated to Barcelona Oberta and, on the other, to avoid the closure of economically viable businesses and the destruction of employment.

The most reputable economies of our surroundings have firmly committed themselves to a work of collaboration between different institutions and associations with the aim of encouraging the rethinking of their ability to generate wealth, innovation and employment at costs that are significantly lower than those of the creation, and at a much lower risk.

Favor the continuity of the companies
As important as the creation of companies is to promote the continuity and growth of existing ones. In this sense, the program Reempresa, promoted by the Cecot, is a new entrepreneurial entrepreneurship and growth model that consists of a mechanism according to which a new entrepreneur takes the testimony in the management of an existing company.

Reempresa started the service in 2011 and has achieved about 1,500 successful businesses, which have generated more than 67 million euros of investment induced and have saved more than 4,500 jobs in Catalonia. The retail sector accounts for 35.3% of all transfers across the country. 19% of successful businesses in the commercial sector have taken place in the city of Barcelona.

On the other hand, the reasons for transferring business are very diverse: from retirement (30%) to changes in profession (12.5%) or health problems (7.57%).

The agreement signed between the two entities means adding efforts, information and resources to increase the performance of a business growth model that could prevent the closure of the maximum number of companies during the execution time of the program in the city and Safeguard jobs, as demonstrated in these years of operation of the project.

III Summit Barcelona Oberta

sevenapp | 29 November 2017

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Barcelona Oberta organizes its III Summit under the generic title “Private public collaboration, the key to success”.

Video summary of the event:

  • REIALitza’t | Barcelona Oberta


sevenapp | 29 November 2017

The members of the Association of Friends and Merchants of the Plaça Reial are being the protagonists of the first filming of the audiovisual project REIALIZAR. A communication campaign that invites the locals to return to their Royal Square. That is why it shows them, through social networks, how the place is now and who are its hosts, to avoid prejudices and end up with old stigmas.

To do so, it also uses a current audiovisual language with a series of videos and photos that have already started to be published on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, with the hashtag #REIALIZED. In addition to enhancing the qualities that make it unique to the Real, this new approach to our place also makes echo of the events convened by the Association, such as the singing of Habaneras, the Txi-Kun and dance for people big, the DRAP ART or the Filatelia Market, among others. Everything, to project to the world the image that we are a civic place, cheerful and open to everybody.

It will continue until the end of November, coinciding with the lighting of Christmas lights in the square.

REIALIZAR is a campaign that has been elaborated within the framework of the Trade Competitiveness Plan 2017, co-financed by the Ministry of Economy of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and Barcelona Oberta.

Project designed by Patricia Radovic, directed and conducted by journalist Marta Pons.

  • Nova web Pelai Centre i Rodalies | Barcelona Oberta

Nova web Pelai Centre i Rodalies

sevenapp | 28 November 2017

L’Associació Pelai Centre i Rodalies estrena nova web dins del Pla de Competitivitat del Comerç 2017

Visita la nova WEB per conèixer a fons un dels punts comercials de referència de Barcelona

L’Associació Pelai Centre i Rodalies és una entitat històrica de Barcelona, que va néixer fruit de les inquietuds dels establiments comercials i les activitats econòmiques de la zona, per defensar-ne el seu històric atractiu comercial i promoure’n la dinamització econòmica i els interessos socials dels seus establiments associats.


  • Neix el portal web “La Rambla Barcelona” | Barcelona Oberta

Neix el portal web “La Rambla Barcelona”

sevenapp | 27 November 2017
Amics de La Rambla, amb la col·laboració del Palau Moja, posa en funcionament, el dilluns 27 de novembre, “La Rambla Barcelona”, un nou portal web que descobrirà les anècdotes, activitats, restaurants, personatges i secrets més ben guardats del carrer més (des)conegut de Barcelona. El projecte busca recuperar la força d’una zona que, tot i ser l’ànima de Barcelona, ha patit molt darrerament.

Amb motiu del llançament del portal web, “La Rambla Barcelona” sorteja dos bitllets d’avió a Barcelona des de qualsevol part d’Espanya, per a la persona que els guanyi o per a regalar, amb una visita guiada per l’emblemàtic passeig. Per participar, només s’ha de seguir l’Instagram oficial de “La Rambla Barcelona” (@laramblabarcelona) i etiquetar a tres amics a la darrera publicació. Els guanyadors s’anunciaran a La Rambla Barcelona el 27 de novembre.

La informació es pot consultar a: http://www.laramblabarcelona.com/es/concurso/ i


Un projecte per enfortir La Rambla

Barcelona és una ciutat dinàmica i plena d’atractius. El seu interès per la cultura, per l’art i per les avantguardes, s’han reflectit sempre a la vida intensa de La Rambla. És zona de pas obligatòria per al vianant que vol perdre’s pels carrerons del Barri Gòtic i del Raval, per aquells que volen buscar cultura o aventures o per al barceloní que vol apropar-se al mar. La Rambla pertany, des de sempre, tant als habitants de la capital catalana com als visitants. “La Rambla Barcelona” vol que els barcelonins facin seu i coneguin millor aquest tram d’1,2 quilòmetres que és fonamental per a entendre la seva història, el seu present i el seu futur.

La cultura i l’art estaran molt presents a “La Rambla Barcelona,” on s’explicarà com s’han relacionat els artistes més influents de la nostra història amb la Rambla i com aquesta ha influït en la seva obra. Però a “La Rambla Barcelona” també es podrà trobar comerç, gastronomia, oci, anècdotes, personatges curiosos… una mica com a La Rambla mateixa.

“La Rambla Barcelona” és un projecte de l’associació Amics de La Rambla i el Palau Moja, la Casa del Patrimoni Català, un aparador per a descobrir tot el patrimoni de Catalunya des de La Rambla, i ha estat finançat amb fons europeus de desenvolupament regional dins del Pla de Competitivitat del Comerç 2017

  • The C.C. The Triangle lights the Christmas lights with the choir Barcelona Gospel Choir | Barcelona Oberta

The C.C. The Triangle lights the Christmas lights with the choir Barcelona Gospel Choir

sevenapp | 24 November 2017

On Thursday, November 23 at 8:00 pm, the Christmas holidays began at the shopping center

The C.C. The Triangle, located in Plaza Cataluña 1, has joined the Christmas lighting of the city of Barcelona with an opening ceremony on Thursday, November 23, for all customers and visitors to C.C. The Triangle. The action took place inside the shopping center and was attended by the choir of the Institut d’Estudis Nord-Americans, Barcelona Gospel Choir, who accompanied and encouraged with their songs from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm the lighting of lights and They welcomed the Christmas holidays.

In addition, the C.C. The Triangle as of November 24 joins Black Friday offering exclusive discounts at its stores. All customers can enjoy shopping days with important offers in fashion, accessories and technology proposed by the various shops of the shopping center: Buff, Kipling, Play, Ibericus, + Vision, Sephora, TeaShop, Havaianas and Urban Outfitters.

About C.C. The Triangle:

El Triangle Building is located in Plaza Cataluña, 1, its location has positioned it as one of the meeting points of Barcelona, ​​becoming one of the reference places of the city. The Triangle, owned by a fund managed by DEKA Immobilien Investment and managed by the consultancy CBRE, was inaugurated on November 12, 1998.

Currently the commercial area has 100% occupancy in its 22 retail and catering stores with unique stores in the city such as Urban Outfitters, the flagship store of Havaianas and reference brands such as Fnac, Sephora New Store Concept or Starbucks. The building of Plaza Catalunya, 1 also has offices that have recently joined companies such as Skyscanner, Regus, Erni or the Bacardi Group.

  • Passeig de Gràcia | Barcelona Oberta

Passeig de Gràcia

sevenapp | 23 November 2017

Fashion, gastronomy, beauty, culture, entertainment … all in the heart of Barcelona.
This and much more is Passeig de Gràcia.
Let yourself fall in love with the most glamorous avenue in Barcelona!

With the support of the Pla de Competitivitat del Comerç 2017


  • We improve Via Laietana, neighbors and merchants. | Barcelona Oberta

We improve Via Laietana, neighbors and merchants.

sevenapp | 23 November 2017

The Association of Neighbors and Traders of Via Laietana and the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) held a ‘workshop’ with ten students, with the objective of realizing a strategic project for the improvement and renovation of the street.

The agreement establishes that the collaboration between the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning of the ETSAB with the neighbors will culminate with a contest in which the three best proposals for the improvement and renovation of Via Laietana will be chosen as a “Civic and commercial axis, respecting the linearity as a road of road access and revaluing the transversality of the historical center of Barcelona”.

With the support of Pla de Competitivitat del Comerç 2017

  • Commerce in La Barceloneta | Barcelona Oberta

Commerce in La Barceloneta

sevenapp | 22 November 2017


Interact with LOCAL COMMERCE.


With the support of the Plan de Competitividad del Comercio 2017


  • Pink Friday | Barcelona Oberta

Pink Friday

sevenapp | 21 November 2017


50 establishments participate in this innovative initiative, with discounts up to 50%

The streets of Gaixample also open Christmas lighting

Fashion shops, gift items, perfumeries … 50 establishments of the Gaixample and the Eixample Commercial Eixample will be taking part on Friday, November 24th, at Pink Friday, a day with which the shops in the neighborhood want to anticipate and give the starting signal In the Christmas shopping campaign with discounts that can reach 50%.During the whole day, the Commercial Area will have a stand at Plaça Universitat from where it will be informed of the shop route that can be done throughout the neighborhood during commercial hours. Identifying the participating establishments will be very easy. Each one of them will be decorated in a unique way and signposted with pink balloons.The first edition of the Pink Friday is part of the new dynamization strategy launched by the shops of Gaixample and the Eixample Commercial Area, in collaboration with the City Council of Barcelona. The objective is to show the commitment to proximity commerce and to make visible the activity that is taking place in this area of ​​the city through unique events.
The list of establishments that participate in the Pink Friday can be consulted on the website www.pridebarcelona.org/pinkfriday.A Christmas full of light and color
The Pink Friday celebration will be the perfect excuse for strolling around the Ancient Eixample Left and enjoying the Christmas lights.For the first time, 12 sections of the streets of Gaixample will be lighting Christmas lights. The lighting will take place on November 23, as in the rest of the city. The lighting installations can be seen in the area between the streets Gran Via, Aragón, Balmes and Urgell.The initiative aims to invite citizens to stroll through the streets of the Eixample and to make their purchases in stores in this area of ​​the city, making a clear commitment to commerce of proximity.


  • Book’t the 30th day of November | Barcelona Oberta

Book’t the 30th day of November

sevenapp | 13 November 2017


  • 20th edition of the Barcelona Trade Awards | Barcelona Oberta

20th edition of the Barcelona Trade Awards

sevenapp | 7 November 2017

Only in 20 years ago, in 1997, the 1st edition of the Commerce Awards, also known as “Barcelona, ​​the best store in the world” was held in Barcelona. It was an initiative that emerged from the world of commerce in Barcelona to value and recognize the efforts of traders in favor of innovation, regeneration and its drive in a major economic sector for the economy of the city. The City Council then picked up the glove and organized a prize-giving ceremony that until today is a tribute to Barcelona’s commerce and merchants. The festival of trade in Barcelona.

This edition has made a special recognition to the markets, axes, associations and commercial establishments of the city for its commitment to courage, firmness and solidarity shown as a result of the attacks of August 17:

AMICS DE LA RAMBLA, Mercat de la Boqueria, Associació Comerciants Pl. Reial, FEM RAVAL, Federació Comerciants del Raval, Eix Raval, BARNACENTRE, PELAI CENTRE, PLAÇA UNIVERSITAT I RODALIES, El Corte Inglés

The Albert Gónzalez Prize in the task of contributing to the promotion and knowledge of the city’s trade has been for the Cottet Family for more than 100 years of business involvement in the commercial dynamization of the city. He picked up the prize Mr. Javier Cottet, founding member and president of COMERTIA, Vice President of Barnacentre, Vice President of Barcelona Oberta and member of the Executive Committee of Barcelona Shopping City of Tourism of Barcelona.

Other awards:





SPECIAL MENTION in favor of SOLER CAPELLA CARNISSERS S.L. of the Provençal Market

MERCATS DE BARCELONA AWARD Recognition for the market association of the Ninot Market



sevenapp | 6 November 2017

Programa Bcn Oberta 2017 imprimir_000001Programa Bcn Oberta 2017 imprimir_000002



sevenapp | 6 November 2017



08: 45h – Arrival and accreditations.

09: 15h – Welcome Mr. Gabriel Jené
President Barcelona Oberta

Inaugural Parlaments:
Mr. Jaume Collboni
Second Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Barcelona

Mrs. Muntsa Vilalta and Cambra
General Director of Commerce and the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM)

09: 30h – Productive economy resulting from public-private management
Dr. Oriol Amat, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the UPF.

10: 00h Round table – The success of Barcelona

Mr. Pere Duran
Former managing director of Turisme de Barcelona

Mr. Mateu Hernández
General Director of Barcelona Global

Mr. Constantí Serrallonga
General Director of Fira de Barcelona

Mr. Álvaro Riba
Marketing Manager Liverpool BID Company

Mrs. Sara Berbel
General Director of Barcelona Activa

Mr. Màrius Carol – Moderator
Director of La Vanguardia

11: 00h – Public-private management. Vision of two former Mayors

Excm. Mr. Xavier Trias, President of the Municipal Democratic Group of Barcelona City Council

Excm. Mr. Jordi Hereu, President and Partner of IdenCity.

Mr. Màrius Carol – Moderator. Director of La Vanguardia

11: 20h – Debate among attendees.

11: 40h – Closure of the 3rd Summit, by Mr. Gabriel Jené
President of Barcelona Oberta.

11: 55h – Closure by the Hon. Mrs. Ada Colau
Mayor of Barcelona

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  • Save the Date – III Summit Barcelona Oberta – 17 novembre | Barcelona Oberta
  • The Institute of Public Security distinguishes Amics de La Rambla for their commitment to the defense of collective values | Barcelona Oberta

The Institute of Public Security distinguishes Amics de La Rambla for their commitment to the defense of collective values

sevenapp | 20 October 2017
The Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia has awarded the Association Amics de La Rambla a distinction for its commitment to the defense of collective values ​​especially in situations as complex as the one of attacks on La Rambla de Barcelona on August 17. Also in recognition of his contribution to the creation of neighborhood identity and the improvement in coexistence that has made both neighbors and merchants feel more proud of one of the neighborhoods with the most population in our city.

Fermín Villar, on behalf of Amics de La Rambla, has received the distinction from the director of the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia, Annabel Marcos, and the director of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Pere Soler.

With the award of these distinctions, the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia wishes to recognize special deserves, singular circumstances or services provided to institutions or companies that have contributed positively and in a special way to the development of the functions entrusted to it or to the Academic and scientific growth of the Institute.



sevenapp | 17 October 2017

Next Saturday, October 21, PRIDE Barcelona and ACEGAL will be at the International Community Day, the reference appointment for the members of the international community living and working in Barcelona, ​​organized by Barcelona Activa. Through a program full of conferences, roundtables and workshops, the new Barcelona residents will find everything they need to know for their landing in the city and / or for doing business.

In addition, the meeting will feature entertainment activities designed for all ages to enjoy with the whole family!

We’re waiting for you, from 10am to 7pm at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona!

  • Barcelona Oberta already has 16 commercial tourist axes | Barcelona Oberta

Barcelona Oberta already has 16 commercial tourist axes

Barcelona Oberta | 28 September 2017

The union of commercial shopping centers has incorporated five new partners this year: Plaça Reial, Fem Raval, L’Illa, Diagonal Barcelona and Glòries.

Barcelona, ​​September 28, 2017.- The entity Barcelona Oberta was born in 2014 to collaborate to promote the city internationally and position Barcelona as a world-class shopping city, looking for the balance between the axes Tourist commercials and the axes of proximity of urban plots throughout the city.

In just three years, Barcelona Oberta has managed to have good representation before the administrations, publicly speaking and openly to the interests of its associates in the different issues related to commerce and local tourism, defending the needs of people and the company, promoting employment and exploring new forms of public-private management in the territory. Sample of this is the pilot IDB pilot that the entity has driven to the Born of Barcelona.

The entity wants to guarantee the quality and professionalization of the commercial and tourist sector, which is why its challenge is to achieve the public-private management of shopping tourism in the city of Barcelona, ​​looking for cohesion between the different trade organizations and in harmony with Neighborhoods, neighbors and cultural heritage of the city.

The 16 commercial and tourist axes joining Barcelona Oberta add up to around 50,000 workers, 160km of commercial and tourist continuous façade, more than 7,000 commercial establishments in total and an aggregate turnover of 34,500 million euros. The commercial areas of Barcelona Oberta have an index of exploitation of the commercial fabric (IATC) of 90%.

About Barcelona Open

Barcelona Oberta is the union of the commercial axes that share a vision of the economic and social role of the commerce of proximity of the city center and represents shopping tourism. It is composed by:

  • Free visits to the Roser Festival | Barcelona Oberta

Free visits to the Roser Festival

Barcelona Oberta | 27 September 2017

Start date: 07 | 10 | 2017
End date: 12 | 09 | 2017
From October 7 to 12 Amics de La Rambla organizes the Fiesta del Roserm the Fiesta de La Rambla. This year’s Fiesta program includes music, theater, floral decoration of façades and many other activities.

But, apart from that, there are also many buildings and institutions in La Rambla that open their doors to invite you to enjoy La Rambla!

Next all activities – free – what can you do? Most require prior registration because they have limited places. . To register, you have to call 93 317 29 40 and make the reservation.

Unique route through La Rambla de los Capuchinos
Saturday, October 7 at 10:30 a.m.
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Free trips with “Las Golondrinas”
From October 7 to 12 until the tickets are exhausted
(25 seats at each exit).
Barcelona Puerto 40 ‘: At 11; 3:00 p.m., 12:15 p.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m.
Barcelona Mar 1:30 ‘: At 11:30 a.m., 12:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Due to meteorological causes the service may be altered.
Collection of invitations at the ticket offices of “Las Golondrinas” carrying a flower bought in La Rambla (children under 10 can wear the flower drawn). With the flowers delivered, there will be a large bouquet of flowers in the Port Vell.

Visits to the Aquarium of Barcelona
Port of Spain Pier of Spain, s / n
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 at 4 p.m.
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Exhibition “Engineers, soldiers and sages”
Military Government of Barcelona
Portal de la Paz, s / n
From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Guided tours at the Gran Teatro del Liceo
La Rambla, 51-59.
Sunday, October 8 at 10 o’clock
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Ham Experience
La Rambla, 88-94
Free Museum Audio Jam tour
Free visit to the Wine Museum and invitation to a glass of cava
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October.
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)
10% in the Audiovisual Tour + tasting, purchases and drinks

Entrances to the Wax Museum of Barcelona
Passage of the Bank, 7
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Maritime Museum of Barcelona
Av. Drassanes, s / n
Pirate Academy
Sunday, October 8 at 11:30 p.m.
Limited seats for 25 people.
Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Visits at the Palau Güell
Nou de la Rambla, 3-5
Friday 6, Saturday 7, Sunday 8 and Thursday, October 12.
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Guided visit to the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona
La Rambla, 115
Tuesday, October 10 at 4:00 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.
Limited capacity Pre-registration (93 317 29 40)

Exhibition “Architectures. Three buildings, three architects, three interpreters”
Fundación Setba
Plaza Real, 10, 1-2.
Saturday, October 7 and Sunday 8 October from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. free entrance
From Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Entry: € 2

Poliorama theater
La Rambla, 115
“Jorge Blass – Word of the Wizard”
Free entrance to the Rosales. Days 7 and 8 of October.
Limited capacity It is essential to make the reservation in advance. Telephone 93.3177599

The Virreina Centro de la Imagen
La Rambla, 99
“Paula Rego. Family lexicon”
“Gonzalo Elvira 155. Simón’s ballad”
Until Sunday, October 8
From Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.
free entrance

Arts Santa Monica
La Rambla, 7
“Ania Nowak”
“What do you know, the story, to bite your nails – Francisco Torres / Die – Santiago Ydáñez”
“Doppelgänger. Baden-Württemberg-Catalonia Scholarship 2015/2016”
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays and holidays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
free entrance

El Triangle Shopping Center
square Catalonia
The El Triangle Shopping Center will give to all its customers a test with seeds that can be collected on Saturday, October 7 from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday, October 8 from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Shopping Center Hall.


From October 7 to 12, 2017

Organized by: Friends of La Rambla

  • Festa Major Gaixample – Mostra de Comerç | Barcelona Oberta

Festa Major Gaixample – Mostra de Comerç

Barcelona Oberta | 20 September 2017
El dissabte 7 de octubre arriba la Festa Major de l’Esquerra de l’Eixample al Gaixample 🌈en 2 trams del carrer Diputació, entre Muntaner/Casanova i Casanova/Villarroel.

Tens les següents activitats GRATUÏTES de 11h del matí a 02h de la nit:

🔹 Fira d’artesania.
🔹 Mostra de comerç recolzant el comerç de proximitat.
🔹 Zona bar & degustació & food trucks.
🔹 Zona activitats infantils gratuïtes: llits elàstics, pinta-cares, globus…i molt més!
🔹 Activitats de l’Associació FLG Famílies LGTBI: de 12h a 13h i de 16h a 17, el racó de contes sobre la diversitat i un taller de xapes.
🔹 Espectacle de màgia de 17h a 18h.
🔹 Ball en família de 18h a 19h: Same Sex DANCE Barcelona ens farà ballar sense complexes el millor ritme llatí 🕺🏽, amenitzat per Jensel Laya (Jen Madisson Laya), la guanyadora de la Gala Drag de Pride Barcelona 2017, els seus alumnes i Dj Layo Barcelona.
🔹 Actuacions Musicals & Drag Queens & DJ’s, de 19h a 02h:

🎤 Ladilla Rusa
🎤 Versus
💄 Igory Kingdom
💄 Alesha Charter
💄 Aiken René
💄 Coccó Roo (Tulio Roo)
💄 Estrella Xtravaganza
💄 La Steah
💄 Luna Diva
💄 Nervio Nebraska
🎧 Banana Laser
🎧 DJ Konig
🎧 Heroe of Hits (Màrius Núñez Márquez)

  • Estudi Diagnosi de l’Ecosistema d’eixos comercials associats a Barcelona Oberta | Barcelona Oberta

Estudi Diagnosi de l’Ecosistema d’eixos comercials associats a Barcelona Oberta

Barcelona Oberta | 13 June 2017

Ahir vam presentar l’estudi ‘Diagnosi de l’ecosistema d’eixos comercials associats a Barcelona Oberta’ realitzat per Eixos, en el qual manifestem la nostra preocupació sobre la pèrdua d’identitat del comerç tradicional derivat en favor de les grans marques.

Fent click aquí et pots descarregar l’informe complet.

  • FLASHMOB PANDA | Barcelona Oberta


Barcelona Oberta | 6 June 2017

Gaudí Avenue (Between Industry and S.A.M. Claret)
June 11, 11 am to 15 pm

Join the Pandaman!

Come and dance to photograph yourself with fun pandas recently arrived from China.

Create and decorate your pet panda.

The event will be opened by the deputy governor of the region of China and Mr. Sichuang Chinese Consul in Barcelona

11:00 to 12:00 music and photos with pandas

11:30 to 12:00 Tabalers, giants and big heads

12:00 -12: 10 Opening

12: 10-12: 25 Flashmob panda

12:25 -12: 35 Performance “change of face” typical Sichuan opera) (Xinhua / Zhang Fan)

12:35 -12: 45 Traditional Chinese Dance

12: 45-14: 00 Tabalers, Giants and big heads

11:30 -15: 00 Workshop for garnish pandas figures highlighting the need to preserve this species, pintac and other children’s activities, photocall.

  • Study Ecosystem Diagnosis of commercial areas | Barcelona Oberta

Study Ecosystem Diagnosis of commercial areas

Barcelona Oberta | 1 June 2017

On 12 June present “Study Ecosystem Diagnosis of commercial areas.” Confirm your presence secretaria@barcelonaoberta.cat 

  • “Tast a La Rambla” | Barcelona Oberta

“Tast a La Rambla”

Barcelona Oberta | 31 May 2017
Comes the fourth edition of “Tast a La Rambla” -4ª Gastronomy Week of Barcelona, ​​a great culinary festival annually organized by Friends of La Rambla in collaboration with the GSR Group, with the support of the District Old town of the city of Barcelona, ​​the beer company Estrella Damm, sponsored by various brands such as Freixenet, Segura Viudas, Coca-Cola, Cinzano, Aperol Spritz, El Periódico and Hostelgrup, and with the collaboration of 20 people Casal dels Infants del Raval and 45 students of the CETT.

The press conference was attended by the District Councilor for Ciutat Vella, Gala Pin, organizers of the event, Fermín Villar, president of Friends of La Rambla, and Roser Torras, director of the group GSR and chefs of restaurants, bars and bakeries participating in the fair, as Albert Raurich (two peppers), Christian Escribà (Scribe) Oriol Balaguer (BARCELONA Oriol Balaguer) and Nandu Jubany (Petit Committee), among others.

After the presentation, several establishments such as Amaya (truffle cannelloni Grandma Nicolassa) Arume (xelets, cream corn and seaweed ximixurri) Bar Ri (potato salad), Scribe (with matcha tea waffle foam cream Catalan) Fonda España (donut creamy cod stewed pig’s feet), La Cuisine Moja (cream fruit trio topings) and Opera Ratatouille (steak tartare, poêle pork Vic) that participate in the tasting La Rambla this year, have a snack served basis caps also be served the next 8, 9, 10 and 11 June; four days when 50 of the best bars, restaurants and bakeries in the city of Barcelona will offer, in the heart of Santa Monica Boulevard, a sample of your kitchen.

This year the proposal tasting is divided into four areas: cuisine, Confectionery, Tapas Platillos and traditional cuisine, complete with a section dedicated to the sponsors and partners. And it introduces new features such as the Taste Workshop Arts Santa Monica, Stage Gastronomic by Estrella Damm, a space for Buenos Aires-city convidada- and the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance exclusively Atrápalo a promotional incentive.

  • Square Reial draws | Barcelona Oberta

Square Reial draws

Barcelona Oberta | 3 May 2017
To all the citizens of Barcelona, ​​returns on Saturday 21 May “Square draws” for the second consecutive year! Open to everyone!

Barcelona: you get your and draw it in your own travelogue around the Square. We will open four buildings in the Square who wants to can draw it from a different point of view. We will have the participation of 15 renowned Sketchers city and 15 art students from schools in the district. The organization will have two tents in the square: an information, which will be delivered the drawing material and registration of participants; and the other drawing workshop for children conducted by the caricaturist illustrator Lluïsot that help children to draw square and observe their peculiarities.

The conference will be accompanied by Dixie Band Music Workshop and Workshop Open a project of social reintegration through the music of the same music workshop. The originals, both professionals and students and amateurs, exhibited at the Sala Lemon Foundation Setba during the months of June and July 2016, coinciding with the exhibition Setba Young and within the framework of the event ART NEW / FIRST VISION.

Material provided by Setba Foundation, which this year also organizes a lot of material of Fine Arts, Art courtesy of Barna among participants. In collaboration with the Association of Friends and Merchants Plaza Real.

  • Comerç al carrer a La Barceloneta | Barcelona Oberta

Comerç al carrer a La Barceloneta

Barcelona Oberta | 3 May 2017

El proper Dissabte 6 de Maig el comerç surt al carrer a La Barceloneta.

Us esperem a la Plaça Poeta Boscà amb novetats i ofertes dels nostres comerciants.


  • És imprescindible que la futura Llei de Comerç de Catalunya inclogui el marc legal que permeti l’adaptació del model BID | Barcelona Oberta

És imprescindible que la futura Llei de Comerç de Catalunya inclogui el marc legal que permeti l’adaptació del model BID

Barcelona Oberta | 27 April 2017

Valoració i Propostes de Barcelona Oberta

Projecte de llei de comerç, serveis i fires
(tram. 200-00022/11)
1.- Horaris comercials: liberalització horaris establiments
no alimentaris menors de 150m2.
(Article 37. Exclusions de l’horari comercial general).
Els establiments comercials, de venda personalitzada o en
règim d’autoservei, els titulars dels quals siguin petites o
mitjanes empreses, que no pertanyin a grups empresarials,
sempre que la superfície de venda no superi els 150 m2 i
tinguin una oferta orientada essencialment a productes de
compra quotidiana d’alimentació́.
Proposta Barcelona Oberta:
La nostra proposta consisteix a ampliar aquesta flexibilització
a tota mena de sectors comercials, no només d’alimentació.
A Barcelona mateix, per a zones amb gran quantitat de petits
establiments comercials i amb elevada afluència de ciutadans
durant els diumenges i dies festius, com ara Gràcia o el Born,
aquesta flexibilització és una necessitat vital i una forma de
garantir-ne la viabilitat i la competitivitat davant les grans
Per altre banda, cal valorar la possibilitat de no donar als
municipis l’opció de canviar el calendari de 10 festius
proposats per la Generalitat a fi d’evitar la confusió que
representa sobre el consumidor. També establir un calendari
que sigui productiu, orientat al consumidor i estable any rere
any a fi de crear una rutina i no la confusió que cada any
representa la proposta de dates diferents.

2.- Períodes de rebaixes: propugnar acords voluntaris.
(Article 21.Venda en rebaixes).
La forçosa desaparició dels períodes obligatoris en què poder
desenvolupar les rebaixes a causa de les vendes no
presencials i d’altres fenòmens similars, no qüestiona la
conveniència de disposar d’un calendari al més ordenat
possible que orienti els consumidors i contribueixi a dotar de
racionalitat i previsibilitat la funció comercial.
Proposta Barcelona Oberta:
El Consell Assessor de Comerç, com a instrument de
concertació entre el sector comercial i l’Administració, hauria
de fixar el termini recomanat d’inici i finalització de les
rebaixes i, eventualment, escurçar-ne la durada tradicional i
adaptar-ne la periodicitat a les noves pautes estacionals.
L’Administració s’hauria de fer ressò d’aquests períodes de
rebaixes recomanats a través de les campanyes institucionals
de recordatori dels drets i deures dels consumidors.

3.- Cooperació publico-privada als eixos i a les zones
comercials: àrees de gestió de centres comercials urbans.
BID’s (Business Improvement Districts).
Article 54. Àrees de gestió econòmica urbana.
La creixent complexitat en els usos i les demandes de l’espai
urbà s’accentua en les àrees amb forta concentració
comercial. Cal abordar aquesta complexitat i els problemes
que se’n deriven de forma col·laborativa entre els sector públic
i el sector privat. Aquest darrer, que no es limita estrictament
als comerços sinó que inclou tota mena de serveis que es
presten in situ a les persones, ha de disposar d’un marc
normatiu que permeti canalitzar la voluntat de
coresponsabilitzar-se en la millora i l’adequació de les zones
d’alta densitat d’activitats. A diversos països europeus s’han
anat implantant amb èxit els anomenats Business
Improvement Districts, model que pot ser una bona referència
a l’hora d’articular i implementar aquesta col·laboració publicoprivada.
El projecte conté un Títol vuitè dedicat íntegrament al Pla de
Foment de Ia Competitivitat del Comerç Urbà que té la finalitat
de “contribuir a Ia millora de I‘eficiència de I‘activitat comercial
i de la prestació de serveis, i que té per objecte posar a l’abast
del sector eines que permetin als empresaris més capacitat
d’adaptació a l’entorn econòmic i potenciar la capacitat de
creixement i d’internacionalització”. Tot i que l’Exposició de
Motius del Projecte es parla de la “possibilitat de crear entitats
de col·laboració públic privada que permetin el
desenvolupament de plans estratègics dissenyats per a
períodes determinats en àrees urbanes prèviament
delimitades”, es deixa expressament el seu desenvolupament normatiu pel futur.

És per tot això que és ja imprescindible que la futura Llei de
Comerç de Catalunya inclogui el marc legal permeti
l’adaptació del model BID a les característiques peculiars del
model comercial mediterrani i català, sense deixar-ho per més
Les característiques bàsiques que hauria de tenir el BID català
i que hauria de recollir la Llei de Comerç són les següents:
1. Denominació, característiques i funcions dels BID
2. Iniciativa per a la constitució del BID
3. Procediment per l’aprovació i efectiva constitució del BID
4. Organització, funcionament i vigència del BID
Proposta Barcelona Oberta:
La Llei ha de comprometre el govern de Catalunya a
desenvolupar la normativa que reguli aquest tipus de gestió en
l’espai públic, sigui perquè disposa de la capacitat legislativa o
perquè insta l’administració de l’Estat espanyol a impulsar-la.
Mentrestant, la DGC difondrà i debatrà amb els municipis les
característiques específiques que hauria de tenir l’aplicació
d’aquest model a Catalunya promovent grups de treball
territorials mixtos i experiències pilot.

4.- Competències de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona en
matèria de Comerç.
El Govern municipal considera que el projecte de Llei de
Comerç de la Generalitat de Catalunya no recull l’especificitat
que atribueix la Carta Municipal a Barcelona.
El projecte aprovat pel Consell Executiu resta competències al
municipi en matèria de foment de la competitivitat, de
definició de les zones de degustació, en inspecció i sanció i en
modificació d’horaris en determinats supòsits.
La Carta Municipal de Barcelona recull en la seva clàusula
general de competències que l’Ajuntament pot promoure
qualsevol classe d’activitat i prestar tots els serveis públics
que contribueixin a satisfer les necessitats dels ciutadans que
no siguin expressament atribuïts a altres administracions
públiques, així com activitats i serveis complementaris als
desenvolupats per altres administracions.
Proposta Barcelona Oberta:
Respectar les competències que la Carta Municipal atribueix a
l’Ajuntament de Barcelona en matèria de Comerç.

5.- Subscrivim amb la seva totalitat les propostes
presentades per la entitat RETAULCAT relacionades amb
els punts següents:
a) Municipi turístic
b) Venda Online

  • Barcelona Oberta participates in the conference “The future of the commercial axes” | Barcelona Oberta

Barcelona Oberta participates in the conference “The future of the commercial axes”

Barcelona Oberta | 27 April 2017

The Trade Office of the Barcelona City Council and IESE organize the “The future of the trade axes: from local trade to integral urban economic development”, which will take place on 21 and 29 March and 3 May. Throughout three days, attendees will discuss how to approach the transition of commercial axes in areas of urban economic promotion (APEU) and reflect on the model of management and participation.

Book your place here: https://apli.iese.edu/Tracking/cnsee.aspx?mai=47829984

The conference wants to be a starting point shared with the commercial sector on the creation of the APEU, for which the Council of Commerce and Markets works. For this reason, the people who attend will enjoy a space for debate, awareness, training and constitution of agreements, and may participate in two workshops and a day of conclusions and dissemination of knowledge.

The first workshop, scheduled for the 21st, will discuss the transition from the commercial axis to the urban economic promotion area model and analyze the benefits of being part of them for the economic and social actors of the city. The second workshop, scheduled for the 29th, will focus on the discussion of the APEU management and participation model and on the involvement of the big brands. Finally, on May 3, the conference will conclude with an appointment on the future of trade and self-management models of urban economic promotion areas, which will be attended by experts.

It will be three days to deepen the challenges of the urban economy and the implementation of governance models that allow self-management of the city’s commercial areas to make them more competitive, accessible and attractive.

  • “Tasting La Rambla” | Barcelona Oberta

“Tasting La Rambla”

Barcelona Oberta | 27 April 2017

The fourth edition of “Tasting La Rambla” will be held from 8 to 11 June, and in the first three years, we want our members participate in the event sign up for the contest tapas “Tasting La Rambla” this year – to avoid confusion – called “Tapas Route IV and Cinzano vermouth prepared.”

The IV route covers again sponsored by Cinzano and wants to highlight both the local tapas prepared iconic La Rambla as his pairing with Cinzano vermouth. Cover and Cinzano, perfect for a couple vermouth.

Each of the participating establishments will have to prepare a special cover for the competition (or select one that already has) and pairing it with a ready Cinzano vermouth. Vermouth aperitif is a drink prepared in that mix vermouth – as the main ingredient (60% -80%) with additional ingredients (other may be alcohol or soft drinks, fresh fruit, spices or herbs). Vermouth prepared each has its unique formula and taste different.

The professional jury will evaluate the cap and its harmonization with Cinzano vermouth.

  • Study “Socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in Barcelona” | Barcelona Oberta

Study “Socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in Barcelona”

Barcelona Oberta | 26 March 2017

Purchases are basic infrastructure for tourist trade in Barcelona and represents a key segment to maintain the model and the quality of urban commerce in the city. Under this premise, we conducted a study on the socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in the city of Barcelona, ​​directed by RBD Consulting Group, led by Barcelona Open with the support of the Government and the Chamber of Barcelona Commerce, among other institutions.
Through 1250 surveys business owners and managers, analysis of statistics and information towards the influx of tourists in Barcelona and 17 in-depth interviews with key players in trade and tourism of the city s ‘have drawn conclusions, reflected in the study presented last March 22 at the Palau Robert and highlight the importance of spending tourist trade and catering, both for society and for the economy of the city.

Here you can download the study: (031) Report shopping tourism impact barcelona_venviar

  • Presentation of the study, “Socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in Barcelona.” | Barcelona Oberta

Presentation of the study, “Socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in Barcelona.”

Barcelona Oberta | 8 March 2017

Barcelona Oberta is pleased to present the study “Socioeconomic impact of shopping tourism in the city of Barcelona” in Trade Week.

Date: Wednesday 22 March 2017.
Time: 16: 30h to 18: 00h.
Place: Palau Robert, room service.
Address: Paseo de Gracia 107 08008 Barcelona.

Presented by:
Mrs. Muntsa Vilalta – Director General of Commerce, the Department of Business and Enterprise, Government of Catalonia.
Mr. Gabriel Jené – President Barcelona Open.
Mr. Roger Gaspa – Managing Partner at RBD Consulting Group.

Purchases are basic infrastructure for tourist trade in Barcelona and represents a key segment to maintain the model and the quality of urban commerce in the city.

The aim of this study is to highlight that tourism shopping is a lever for growth and internationalization of business enterprises.

  • Catalan trade was reorganized under the new brand RETAILcat | Barcelona Oberta

Catalan trade was reorganized under the new brand RETAILcat

Barcelona Oberta | 23 February 2017

The organization founded by Barcelona Oberta, Cecot Comerç, Comertia and Barcelona Trade Foundation seeks to become the organtzació business representative trade associations català.Les Barcelona Oberta, Cecot Comerç, Comertia and Barcelona Trade Foundation presented Thursday to the Union organizations of Commerce of Catalonia (RETAILcat), a new brand that aims to establish itself as the representative of business organtzació trade and ‘retail’ in the country. The new entity wants to work as a lobby for the interests of Catalan retailers and has already announced that a new law will present amendments trade Catalonia, which has been approved by the government and should be discussed in Parliament now. The associations that are part of RETAILcat reminded that did not participate in the Confederation of Commerce of Catalonia (CCC), which was dissolved last year not to face their debts, but have opted for a “different model of governance “and without” perpetuated in the charges. “

  • Programa II Summit Barcelona | Barcelona Oberta

Programa II Summit Barcelona

Barcelona Oberta | 15 November 2016
9:00h Acreditacions
9:15h Benvinguda i Inauguració
Sra. Muntsa Vilalta
Directora General de Comerç de la Generalitat de Catalunya
9:30h La Barcelona del Futur: Oportunitats i riscos
Conferència del Sr. Gonzalo Bernardos Domínguez
Professor d’economia de la Universitat de Barcelona, analista i consultor.
10:20h La veu dels empresaris – Taula rodona

Sr. Eduardo Ceballos
Country Head Spain at Neinver

Sra. Anna Gener
Sòcia d’Aguirre Newman i Directora General d’Aguirre Newman Barcelona

Sr. Artemi Nolla
Fundador i President d’AN Grup

Sr. Pau Guardans
Vicepresident de Barcelona Global. Chairman&CEO Unico Hotels

Sr. Marc Bonavia
CoFundador de SitMobile. Expresident d’AIJEC

Sra. Eva Martin
CEO i Co-fundadora de Tiendeo

Conductor i moderador: Sr. Enric Sierra. Adjunt al director de La Vanguardia

11:30h La veu dels empresaris: Preguntes i intervencions des de la Fila 0

Sra. Maria Abellanet
Directora General i Consellera delegada del Grup CETT

Sr. Enrique Alcántara
President de APARTUR

Sr. Albert Arias
Director del Pla Estratègic de Turisme. Ajuntament de Barcelona

Sr. Joan Carles Calbet
President de Comertia

Sr. Carles Carreras
Catedràtic d’Universitat. Departament de Geografia Humana (UB)

Sr. Manel Casals
Director General del Gremi Hotels de Barcelona

Sr. Pere Chias
President del Gremi Restauració de Barcelona

Sr. Jordi Díez
Director General de Negoci de Saba

Sr. Miquel Donnay
President del Consell de Gremis

Sra. Marga Farga

Sr. David Garrofer
Secretari General de CECOT

Sr. Mateu Hernández
Director General de Barcelona Global

Sr. Oscar Lopez
Secretari General de la Federació de Comerç i Hostaleria de UGT

Sr. Emiliano Maroto
Secretari General d’Agrupament de Botiguers i Comerciants de Catalunya
Sra. Raul Monroy
Director delegació Barcelona de S.C.C.E

Sr. Martí Sarrate
President d’ACAVE

Sra. Maria Segarra
Directora Intueri

Sr. Jose Maria Trenor
Conseller delegat de Praktik Hotels

Sr. Salva Vendrell
President de Fundació Barcelona Comerç

12:00h Debat
12:20h Conclusions II SUMMIT de Barcelona Oberta
Sr. Gabriel Jené
President de Barcelona Oberta
12:30h Tancament
Sra. Montserrat Ballarín
Regidora de Comerç i Mercats, Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Barcelona està vivint dels rèdits del passat o té projecte de futur?
  • Turisme de compres. Atractivitat comercial Immobiliària, Hoteleria, Allotjaments turístics i restauració innovadora i de qualitat, Oportunitats pels joves emprenedors, Smart City,
  • Estem deixant passar les oportunitats?
  • Apostem per la gestió públic-privada?
  • La construcció de la Barcelona del futur: Propostes del sector empresarial de la ciutat.
  • Detectar les oportunitats d’una ciutat com Barcelona.
  • Redefinir el Model Barcelona i fer propostes de futur a partir de la veu dels empresaris.
  • Alertar sobre el perill de la desacceleració econòmica.
  • Fer pedagogia de les bondats de l’activitat econòmica i de la labor social positiva dels empresaris en la generació de riquesa, sense la qual és impossible sustentar l’estat de benestar.










  • EsmorzApps – Applications service trade | Barcelona Oberta

EsmorzApps – Applications service trade

Barcelona Oberta | 10 November 2016

Over 90% of the Catalan population have a smartphone, which uses more than two hours each day. The vast majority of these users use the phone sometime in the buying process, whether to seek information or to purchase products directly. But these devices are not only useful to consumers, they also offer a number of resources to commercial companies to contact the client.

To publicize these possibilities, the Consortium for Trade, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia begins the series of sessions called “Esmorzapps. Applications service trade “, where developers of several mobile apps will explain their projects in order to encourage participants to use these tools.

The first session of Esmorzapps will take place at the Palau Robert depot on December 2 at 9: 30h. To organize the count with the collaboration of Barcelona and the Barcelona Trade Foundation Open. Come and meet the world at your fingertips put projects Chopin Manzaning, Yuge and Catalonia Shopping.


9:30 pm Speech by Ms Muntsa Vilalta, General Director of Commerce

10:00 Presentations apps

11.00 Open turn of words

11.15 Networking Café

Sign up here



Barcelona Oberta | 7 November 2016

Tuesday 29 November come to the II Summit Barcelona Oberta – Barcelona of the future: Another look.

From 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in El Molino.

We must all design this Barcelona of the Future. It is important that entrepreneurs, neighbors and other organizations support each other and try to make pedagogy of the benefits of economic activity and positive social work of entrepreneurs in the generation of wealth, without which it is impossible to sustain the state of wellness.

We all make Barcelona.

Reserve your place in the mail secretaria@barcelonaoberta.cat

  • Catalonia and Barcelona are committed to promoting open trade Catalan proximity | Barcelona Oberta

Catalonia and Barcelona are committed to promoting open trade Catalan proximity

sevenapp | 20 October 2016

The general director of Trade Muntsa Vilalta, and the president of Barcelona Open, Gabriel Jené, have signed an agreement by which the Government supports the action plan of the organization in 2016, aimed at promotion, promotion Catalan model and dissemination of local commerce.

The Directorate General for Trade has entrusted Barcelona Open prepare a study on the socioeconomic impact of trade and tourism shopping in Barcelona.

  • Gabriel Jené Interview at BTV | Barcelona Oberta

Gabriel Jené Interview at BTV

Barcelona Oberta | 25 January 2016

To see the full interview, click here.

  • Follow us on Twitter | Barcelona Oberta

Follow us on Twitter

Barcelona Oberta | 24 January 2016

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