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Manuel Valls at the Esmorçars Comerç

sevenapp | 8 April 2019

Manuel Valls believes that although the tram connection on the Diagonal “has its logic”, the project that wants to approve the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, in the absence of four months for municipal elections is not at all a priority . The mayoral candidate for a platform that has the support of Citizens has warned that the tracing of the tram along the central stretch of the avenue would be too expensive investment and would generate a significant traffic problem.

Valls has referred to the tram during his speech at the Cotton House hotel in the first of the days with the mayor of Barcelona organized by the two main associations of merchants in the city, Barcelona Oberta and Fundació Barcelona Comerç, along with La Vanguardia.

The French prime minister has reviewed in this session some of the issues that most concern traders, such as mobility, security or illegal competition carried out by the manteros The candidate has been in favor of “rethinking” the logic of the bike lanes taking into account the other modes of transport. He also assured that if he reaches the mayor’s office after the May 26 elections, he will review the implementation of the superblocks, such as the Poblenou, which will only be deployed if there is a broad political and citizen consensus.

In his speech, Valls has referred to issues related to security, an issue he knows well in his capacity as former French Minister of the Interior. He has assured that if he wins the elections and manages to occupy the mayor’s office, one of his objectives will be for the Guàrdia Urbana to regain confidence with the political power that, in his opinion, he has lost during this mandate, and that he will try to eliminate the top blanket. The mayor attributes the strong presence of manteros in some parts of the city, as well as the increase in prostitution in some neighborhoods and theft in the city, to the “effect called” that has led the current municipal government not to cut root some illegal practices that have caused a disorder in the public space that he intends to repair.

Valls Manual has bet, on the other hand, on the organization in Barcelona of great events, above all of ferial but also sport and cultural character. The mayoral candidate has ruled out proposing Barcelona as the venue for a new summer Olympic Games, arguing that “la nostalgia” (of the 92nd) is not a good adviser in these cases. On the other hand, he does believe that the Catalan capital, together with the Pyrenees, has to play the letter of trying to host the Winter Games, for which he considers that Barcelona has many possibilities in the horizon of 2030 or even in 2026 In his opinion, an event of this kind would have the virtue that it could “put everyone to work together at once”, in reference to all public administrations and also to the public.