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V Summit Barcelona ON

sevenapp | 3 December 2019


We would like to thank you for sharing with us the celebration of this V Barcelona Oberta Summit. This year we wanted to deepen and vindicate the potentials and strengths of our city, in order to contribute our grain of sand in the construction of the tourist city positioning that we want and that fit our society.

Under the title “BARCELONA ON” and in the hands of Deloitte Digital, we attended a fantastic practical and realistic presentation about “The client at the center of the future of tourism and trade in Barcelona.”

With the splendid driving of Enric Sierra, we had a Potentials Table, made up of eight experts in different areas of economic activity (Congresses, Health, Sports, Culture, Restoration, Shopping, Mobility and Technology), that we are going Give your views on how to enhance the capital of Barcelona in the world, with a constructive approach and key to improving the deficits we have as a city.

A dialogue was then held between the Deputy Director of La Vanguardia, Enric Sierra and the First Deputy Mayor, Jaume Collboni, to learn about Commerce and Tourism Commitments by the Barcelona City Council.

And finally, the closing ended with a joint request for Business Leadership by the presidents of Foment, Pimec and Barcelona Oberta, with the official closure of the General Director of Commerce of the Generalitat, Muntsa Vilalta.

We hope that this approach has enthused you as much as our organization. We will continue working on this line to make Barcelona a prosperous city for everyone.

We put at your disposal in this mail, and in this order, a photographic gallery of the event, the program of the V Summit, the press release and finally, the video that preceded the Potentials Table, which reminds us of the two faces of Barcelona.

Thanks to everyone for your support and collaboration,

Gabriel Jené
President of Barcelona Oberta