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Artadi: “Barcelona lacks rigor, management and leadership”

sevenapp | 8 April 2019

Barcelona Oberta and Barcelona Comerç, with the collaboration of La Vanguardia, have culminated today the last of their Breakfast Shops with the candidate for Together x Catalunya, Elsa Artadi. The mayor, from his training and professional experience as General Director of Tributaries and Game of the Generalitat, said that “the problem is that policy is being done from the office. We are not listening to the private sector, there is no public-private collaboration, because there is no dialogue. Anything that is to update formulas is to go forward. ”

Artadi is postulated as mayor from this approach of cooperation of the administration with “those who know of each subject”, to reach a consensus that allows us to find the best solutions. Thus, he defended a management of the autonomous BIDs: “we agree that the IDBs adapt to the reality of each territory so that the policies that each business area requires can be made. The IDBs are not there to supplement what the administration does, but to go one step further. “Artadi has encouraged traders to join in to give the final impetus to the law once it reaches Parliament in the fall , and encouraged them to start working from now on to accelerate their implementation.

Artadi has highlighted two challenges for the sector: “the adaptation of the trade, how we help each other to enable the trade to adapt and to continue competing; and the other, how to carry it out, how to manage and improve the millions of displacements based on absurd behavior. ” The mayor believes that a comparative study of what works and what is not in ecommerce, and deciding what to do once have options to decide whether or not a tax will be required, and how and to who is applied : “You need to know who is generating the externality to look for the incentive.”

Regarding the issue of mobility, which also concerns traders, the mayor has proposed ideas for different topics, always with a basis of analysis and study of viability and profitability prior to decision making. In the case of supercases, if he managed to govern, he indicated that they would be redesigned according to each situation: it depends on the functionalities, where, when and how. “In Poblenou, we did not think about the purpose of the super, sometimes we confuse the instrument with purpose.”

For Artadi, the subject of the tram “is the paradigmatic case of sterile debate.” The proposal of the mayorship is to place an electric bus that serves as an instrument to measure its use and as a study of the tram project . Perhaps the priority is not to enter with four years of works. For the candidate of Together x Catalonia, the problem of mobility is not generated by residents, but they are those who suffer it. “What we need is to improve management: fewer cars entering Barcelona and this could be solved with large parking areas at the ends of the tram.”

With regard to security, it has been shown by stating that this problem “is the example of degradation due to lack of management”, and has demanded that more urban guard is needed and that this must be empowered and must recover their functions. “Accepting unfair competition or justifying the sale top blanket is to deprecate more people who are led to this practice.”

As regards the city’s tourism promotion, Elsa Artadi has called for “Barcelona to shine again for Christmas”, and is not in favor of a single big event, but also to promote different events in the city. As a mobile capital, “we must work on innovation, new technologies and flux reorganization to improve the experience of tourists and neighbors, and help us position ourselves and help us attract cultural and sports tourism. We have to work to manage a tourism that is repeated in our city, offer alternatives beyond the Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou. ”

Finally, the mayor has shared an interesting vision with those attending on how Barcelona is losing the leadership of the great debates. “There are many problems shared by many European cities, and the current government seems to have decided not to lead these debates; This causes us to stay out of the solutions, to the detriment of citizens. ”

About the Breakfasts with the Commerce of Barcelona
The two most representative entities of the commerce of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta, have launched the organization of the breakfast season with the Commerce of Barcelona to know the proposals committed in the first person of the candidates for the mayor of the city , around the policies related to the commerce of the city and related subjects. Specifically, the issues under discussion will be: the implementation of IDB’s -Business Improvement Districts-, mobility, tourist-commercial promotion and security and illegal trade.

It is the first time that Barcelona’s commerce – axes of proximity and tourist axes together – is committed to a format like this to ensure that their positions and negotiae are collected directly by the ca