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Ernest Maragall at Breakfast for debate with trade

sevenapp | 5 February 2019

Barcelona Comerç and Barcelona Oberta have invited today to preside over their third Breakfast debate with the trade of Barcelona to Mr. Ernest Maragall, mayoress of the Esquerra Republicana de
Catalunya (ERC). The candidate has talked with the merchants giving answers
Neutral and conciliatory, with vision and global projection of the city.
In his introductory speech he has proclaimed to the retailers his interest to avoid
“Barcelona is a city franchise: these commercial formats do not
They can expel, nor replace, nor condition the commerce of closeness that is
which really defines the city. “According to Maragall,” Barcelona needs it
complicity and political initiative “to take forward projects such as Apeus,” one
instrument – he said – indisputable and quite urgent to develop. ”
With regard to mobility, the party’s representative has defended any decision that
It favors the environment and sustainability, and has been a part of cycling
Agile vehicle, that occupies little space, comfortable, non-polluting, in line with the evolution
Towards a more sustainable city. “The center of Barcelona is very well
statement “according to the candidate, and does not see it necessary to favor the private vehicle for
to recover more Barcelonians. With regard to the debate about the tram in Barcelona,
Maragall turned out to be lazy, and expressed the will to analyze well
the efficiency, the real need, the functionality, the investment, … and it has not rated it as a
immediate action. With respect to tax problems, Maragall has disapproved
the agreement reached by Conseller Calvet with the sector, and said they have
Uncompleted responsibilities by the Metropolitan Authority of Barcelona (ATMB),
chaired by Colau, as well as by the government, who should have acted all these years in the line of modernizing the taxi sector to not let it become a
oligopoly, which has generated unfavorable working conditions and a second market for
resale of licenses. “The management or inaction of this public service is over
creating the worst possible scenario. “The solution, according to the candidate, goes through
changes in regulation and control of taxis and VTCs, to guarantee user rights
and drivers.
In the matter of tourist promotion of the city, Maragall has indicated that it is necessary
Reconsider the tourism: “there is no quantity, but quality.” The mayor may want to manage
with interest from the city, and affirmed that “the pure quantitative promotion of the city
tourism in Barcelona is meaningless “; That is why it proposes focusing the promotion
of the city among specific groups and promote Barcelona as a tourist destination
cultural, sporting, technological and scientific, among others. The mayor is convinced that
to address the tourist phenomenon in the city “there is no need to adopt a prohibitive attitude,
but to manage the quality of tourism we want in the city. It is also not logical
Work to attract visitors with more purchasing power when the benefits do not
they reach the citizenship “. Maragall believes that currently the tourist tax is not
Reverting with enough improvements for the people of Barcelona, ​​and for that reason, it is committed to an increase
of this tax and a new distribution that solves this situation.
With respect to security and illegal trade, Ernest Maragall has been forceful in the
To say “who guarantees the solution to the problem of the top blanket lies” because it is
a problem of great social, structural and global complexity. Need authority
democratic to guarantee order in public space but there is no single solution:
“We have to work on social integration and we must generate new habits of civility
among the citizens. ”
Finally, Ernest Maragall said that the motto of his campaign is “Education and
culture “and emphasized the will of his government to make young people educate
the elderly, and encouraging society to come out of victimism and be proactive and

About the Breakfasts with the Commerce of Barcelona
The two most representative entities of the trade of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Comerç i
Barcelona Oberta, have launched the organization of the Breakfast and Commerce cycle
of Barcelona to know the proposals committed in the first person of the
Candidates to the city hall, around the policies related to the trade of the
city ​​and related subjects. Specifically, the issues under discussion will be: the implementation of the IDB’s –
Business Improvement Districts-, mobility, tourist-commercial promotion and security i
illegal trade

This is the first time that Barcelona’s commerce – axes of proximity and tourist axes
bets-bets for a format like this to make sure your positions and
Neguits are collected directly by the candidates looking for real and feasible commitments
that allow to establish bridges, reinforce connections and generate consensus towards a goal
common: preserving and boosting Barcelona’s trade as one of the main engines
economic of the city.