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Reform Presentation Via Laietana

sevenapp | 25 June 2018

It has been initiated by the City Council, the participatory process that will lead to the definition of the comprehensive reform of the Via Laietana project.
This project must be defined and budgeted before the end of the current political mandate to be executed in the following.
The City Council has presented a maintenance reform project, which will have a direct impact on the drawing of the future Via Laietana, especially with regard to mobility.
This investment planned for “maintenance” of the Via Laietana is € 2,000,000 and will mainly affect the pavements and Plaça d’Antoni Maura.
From the Association of Neighbors and Traders of the Via Laietana it is requested and demands the maximum consensus with neighbors, merchants as well as political groups in order to get once and for all the comprehensive reform, but to be done well
There is no consensus of any kind in the reform that the City Council wants to start this summer. All the political groups with which we have spoken speak to us to be against acting in the Way that affects how the future project should be and that, in addition, an investment in the reform of sidewalks will be made when they will have to go back to the reform again.
The impact on mobility has not been studied well and the future Via Laietana is being mortgaged with a project unilaterally predefined by the current council, without any previous study, without local or commercial consensus, and without political consensus.
This is not the path of a net participatory process nor is the maximum consensus that has always been demanded from the Association of Neighbors and Traders of Via Laietana.
That is why we want to present the project that we have carried out jointly with the UPC (ETSAB Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning of the School of Architecture of Barcelona), where the problems of the Via is analyzed, we propose possible solutions and warn us of the challenges of the pacification of the Way that confronts directly with the action that the City Council wants to do without any type of consensus and greatly limiting the options and definition of the future Via Laietana.
Therefore, next Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 9:45 p.m. in the room reserved for the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (Via Laietana nº 39 – Barcelona), where we will explain in detail the project developed for the comprehensive reform of Via Laietana.
It is necessary to confirm the assistance in the email info@veinsicomerciantslaietana.com. For reasons of security of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, we ask for Name, Surnames and DNI of those attending the presentation and we will be grateful for your help.