Open to the world

To promote the city internationally and to position Barcelona as a world-leading shopping city, achieving a balance between the tourist commercial axes and the proximity axes of the urban plots of the whole city

Open to the needs of the people

Adapt business hours to the reality of tourist Barcelona and people’s Barcelona. Flexibility of schedules in those areas of international tourist attraction

Open to the company

Explore new forms of management of the commercial and tourist territory of the city, IDB project as a new reality of management of commercial axes. To guarantee a professionalization in the management of the axes and an economic self-sufficiency of the tourist sector with those of the neighbors

Open to neighborhoods and neighbors

Decentralize tourism, diversify the axes of tourist polarity so that shopping extends to the whole city while preserving local trade to meet domestic demand and make sustainable the interests of the tourism sector with those of the neighbors < / p>

Open to institutional cooperation

Achieve BO representation before Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Tourism Management Bodies in making decisions relating to aspects relating to the city’s commercial activities with those of the residents

Open to employment

Encourage job creation. Work with training and insertion organizations to create training and insertion itineraries

Open to society

Work on CSR and CSR Involve our partners in the improvement of their territory, actively participate in the actions of revitalization, training, insertion, design CSR actions, etc …