Areas of activity

At Barcelona Oberta we are working to make Barcelona a better commercial city.


  • We promote the transformation of the associative model.
  • We offer support to these partners in any kind of management and dynamisation issues.
  • We lobby for the interests of members and partners, and seek maximum consensus on major city issues affecting commerce.
  • We promote innovative services that contribute to the professionalisation of the business of these commercial partners.
  • We represent the voice of the main commercial and tourism stakeholders before the public administration.


  • We are involved in projects to promote shopping and business tourism.
  • We launch information campaigns to promote local, respectful, sustainable and quality consumption.
  • We are committed to a business model that is a world reference.
  • We prepare studies to analyse Urban Planning, Mobility and Sustainability issues.
  • We project the trade of the future, from the present.
  • We seek dialogue and consensus on city issues involving commercial activity.


We design, identify and collaborate with projects that bring added value to the city’s commerce.
Our main areas of activity are:
City, Sustainability, Innovation and Training.

Barcelona Oberta’s news

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