What we do?


To build together a transformative business model that enhances Barcelona’s reputation both locally and internationally.


To be the benchmark for sustainable and quality trade in Barcelona on a local and international level.


They establish the foundations of our decisions, projects and actions, and are specified in the following areas:


We always apply knowledge and dialogue.


We keep the value of management in the hands of independent professionals.


Years of experience in evolving retail in the city and thorough awareness of today’s consumers


Balance between economic relations, social needs and the environment. We enable the integrating and social function of retail.


We foster cohesion and discussion to have a strong voice before the administrations and public opinion.

We want to promote a Barcelona

Open to the world

Positioned as a benchmark shopping city.

Open to people’s needs

With commercial timetables adapted to the operation of the city and its people.

Open to enterprise

Exploring new management models based on the commercial-tourist experience of the urban space.

Open to its districts and residents

Diversifying and decentralising shopping tourism; committing to the convenient use of the urban space.

Open to cooperation

We are committed to public-private collaboration in decisions about promotion, management of tourism and new city projects.

Open to opportunities

For companies (bringing in new investments and retail projects for the city) and people (talent and employment).

Open to society

Joint responsibility and collaboration with the surroundings for a sustainable welcoming city.

Barcelona Oberta’s news

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