Summit ’18

The Barcelona we want must aspire to be the best place to live, invest and develop talent and ideas. The Barcelona we fly must regain confidence in the public sector, especially in our city council. The Barcelona we want must be committed to quality and respectful tourism that values and promotes the commercial, cultural and gastronomic offer. The Barcelona we want must have culture as its backbone. The Barcelona we want must be committed to shared management through the BIDs.

The political class lives in a situation of lack of credibility that Barcelona cannot afford. We call for cooperation between all actors in the city, public and private, to believe in companies and their entrepreneurs, to give a leading role to the productive economy capable of generating employment and social welfare. Entrepreneurs are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

1 – Strategy and promotion..
2 – Digitalisation: smartcity.
3 – Christmas management.
4 – Trade and culture.
5 – Implementation of BID’s.
Urban and commercial planning.
7 – Public space management: mobility, legal trade and security.
8 – Continuous training.
9 – Sector management and legislation.

That is why we believe that this is the best time to ask the candidates for the Presidency of the House to lead,taking into account the entire business sector and the administrations, the creation of a CONSORTIUM FOR THE COMMERCIAL PROMOTION OF BARCELONA. An instrument not only of public-private collaboration but also of cooperation between all actors in the city.





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