Barcelona Oberta incorporates two new members: El Corte Inglés and Diagonal Mar

10 de May de 2022

The Union of Commerce and Tourisms Hubs of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Oberta, incorporates two new members into the organization, El Corte Inglés and Diagonal Mar, to join efforts in its purpose of contributing to making Barcelona a better commercial city.

The entity has also closed collaboration agreements with Shoplive and LoyApp to promote the digitization of the establishments attached to its axes.

Barcelona Oberta has just added two new members to the organization, El Corte Inglés and the Diagonal Mar shopping centre. The two new associates share with the Unió d’Eixos Comercials i Turístics their vision of Barcelona’s commercial model, betting on a more inclusive, balanced, open and cosmopolitan city for residents and visitors. Likewise, the union of commercial and tourist hubs has also signed collaboration agreements with two start-ups, Shoplive and LoyApp, with the aim of encouraging the digitization of the establishments associated with its hubs.

At the moment, commerce in Barcelona faces important challenges, both from the point of view of the transformation and digital adaptation of businesses to the new habits of post-pandemic consumers, as well as to carry out initiatives and activities to recover the flow of visitors on the streets and shopping centers. In the current context, the rise of online sales, the establishment of a hybrid work model (telework and face-to-face) and the difficulties of mobility and accessibility in the city have caused a decrease in visitors to the city which is weighing on the recovery .

Cities must move towards a more ecological, sustainable model with a kinder urbanism, with minimal harm to residents and visitors and without damaging their economic activity. We cannot forget that the retail trade sector in Barcelona generates 98,000 jobs, an occupation that would not be sustainable without the expenditure made by all, metropolitan residents and visitors.

For this reason, one of the challenges of Open Barcelona is to contribute to the urban transformation of Barcelona to make it more sustainable and respectful of the environment, recovering its essence as a Mediterranean city, open, dialoguing and seeking great consensus. For this reason, the addition of reference organizations in the commercial sector, such as El Corte Inglés or the Diagonal Mar shopping center, very involved in the development of the city’s economic activity, brings dynamism, new criteria and a clear is committed to defending actions with a long-term vision that enhance Barcelona’s commercial model and place it in the ranking of the first cities in the world shopping.

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Barcelona Oberta is the union of 22 commercial tourist centers that share a vision of the economic and social role of local retail, and represent shopping tourism. They are part of Barcelona Oberta:

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