Premiere of the podcast series “Trade is also digital”

1 de February de 2022

Barcelona Oberta together with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Barcelona City Council are launching the podcast series “Commerce is also digital” to talk about the transformation of the city’s retail brands

From the hand of the journalist, Patrícia Castán, we will learn about the success stories of Aragaza, Cottet Óptica i Audiologia, La Mallorquina and Veritas.

The union of Barcelona’s commercial and tourist hubs, Barcelona Open, with the support of Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, through the cambraDigital HUB, have produced this first series of podcasts to publicize the cases of success in digitization of four companies from retail that have a presence in the commercial axes of the entity.

In each of these capsules, and by the hand of the journalist Patrícia Castán, the experiences in different digitization processes of recognized brands in the categories of fashion, optics, home and food will be addressed. Through interviews with their employers and managers, we will introduce recent digital transformation projects.

With a duration of approximately fifteen minutes, the radio and audiovisual capsules will host a new protagonist every Wednesday who will share their experience. Javier Cottet, president of Cottet Óptica i Audiologia will reflect on “How to transfer proximity and professionalism to the online point of sale”; Gabriel Jené, General Manager of La Mallorquina will explain his “Omnichannel Strategy”; Toni Aragaza, founder of Aragaza, will talk to us about “Positioning and how to build customer loyalty and reach the digital customer” and, finally, Daniel Viladot, senior Marketing Manager of Veritas will address the field of management, with a podcast entitled: “Parallelisms of physical and virtual management”.

All interviews have been conducted by Patricia Castán, a journalist at El Periódico de Catalunya since 1996, specializing in the areas of local economy, commerce, tourism, housing, leisure, gastronomy and urban trends.

The whole of this mini-series “Trade is also digital” will provide listeners with a new view on the management of local brands and how it is evolving in terms of digitization and innovation to offer a better service to consumers.

The first podcast that was released today can be heard online on the channels of YouTube and Spotify of Barcelona Oberta and of the Cambra de Barcelona, through the web

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