8 de April de 2022

  • This is the application promoted by Go—PopUp, developed to promote local commerce and offer historic or iconic stores in Barcelona an innovative digitization channel.
  • After having launched at the Mobile World Congress, the application continues to incorporate stores in the center of Barcelona and promote itself among the public thanks to a game with a draw, the Magic Tour.

ShopLive, the application that promotes local commerce, starts in the streets of Barcelona, focusing mainly on the Gòtic, Born and Sagrada Família districts. The project continues to add local stores that register on the platform and enter the world of online pop-ups. These are ephemeral events, videos of defined duration, which show what happens inside the stores, their promotions and their products.

A kind of Tik Tok dedicated to shopping, a window from which it will be possible to find all these little treasures that usually go unnoticed. ShopLive was officially and successfully presented during the Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona in the first week of March. The event brings together professionals from the world of technology at an international level, and it has been a very positive experience of exchanging ideas and best practices. ShopLive has been presented to professionals from several countries obtaining very positive feedback, in addition to having captured the attention of many visitors interested in trying the application during their stays in Barcelona.

Just in these days, Shoplive’s first big campaign, the Magic Tour, is launched. Anyone who wants to participate in raffles for cultural experiences in Barcelona can join the game and choose a magic card through of this link. Each letter carries a historical curiosity about iconic places in Barcelona. As if it were a mission, users will have to discover the stores closest to the place mentioned by the letter by downloading the ShopLive application and using the map, thus offering them the possibility to live the experience of a local and fully digital.

Stores, consumers and innovators: a common challenge

“In times of pandemic, digitization and technological innovation are the solutions that are bringing the most results when it comes to promoting yourself and being competitive” he explains

Carolina Argenté Perez-Milá, Director of the ShopLive project. “In order to promote change and above all, to help all businesses in Barcelona to move forward, it is necessary to work together, taking advantage of current trends and empathizing with customers’ behaviors and needs.”

During the coming months, the aim will be to register as many shops as possible on the platform through promotional campaigns on digital channels, so that tourists and citizens can appreciate the wide variety of local businesses in the city of Barcelona.

Collaborator and partner in this launch will be Barcelona Oberta. Even so, and with the aim of having a large critical mass, Comertia, Fundació Barcelona Comerç and associations from the rest of the Catalan territory will also participate in the event.

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