Barcelona Oberta and its commercial partners launch the “BCN Tot Obert” campaign

13 de May de 2022

With this campaign, the Union of Commercial and Tourist Hubs of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona Oberta, wants to inform all consumers of the opening on Sundays and holidays from May 15 to September 15, uninterrupted.

From this Sunday, May 15 and until September 15, shops located in the commercial tourist areas located in zones 1 and 2 will be able to open on Sundays and public holidays. The expansion of the commercial calendar comes at a crucial moment for Barcelona’s economic activity. On the one hand, it is a measure that will help commerce located in the most touristic areas (ZGAT), heavily punished by the pandemic, and on the other hand, it will favor the hiring of staff to cover this extended hours, contributing to improving the level of employment in the city.

Until now, the commercial calendar allowed the opening of five Sundays, three in May and two in October, which caused confusion for the consumer, who was not quite sure when they could find the shops open and, incidentally, ended up being little significant for the trade that made the effort to open on Sunday. The achievement of this new commercial calendar, the result of a social agreement between the sector, employers and unions, with the support of Barcelona City Council, represents a milestone in the country’s commercial history, and a great boost for the economy of the city in the midst of recovery from the health crisis.

For this reason, Barcelona Open wanted to strengthen the communication of this commercial expansion with the creation of the “BCN All Open” campaign, with the message “For you, for everyone, on Sundays all open in Barcelona”, which will go out these days on television, radio, press and social networks.

At the moment, commerce in Barcelona faces important challenges, both from the point of view of the transformation and digital adaptation of businesses to the new habits of post-pandemic consumers, as well as to carry out initiatives and activities to recover the flow of visitors through the streets and shopping centers, and the expansion of the commercial calendar is key.

The great challenge of Barcelona Open is to contribute to the urban transformation of Barcelona to make it more sustainable and respectful of the environment, recovering its essence as a Mediterranean city, open, dialoguing and seeking great consensus. The entity considers that the expansion of the commercial calendar is an action with a long-term vision, which enhances Barcelona’s commercial model and helps place it in the ranking of the first cities in the world shopping.

The 23 entities that currently make up Barcelona Oberta represent more than 3,500 members and more than 50,000 jobs.

More about Barcelona Oberta

Barcelona Oberta is the union of 23 commercial tourist centers that share a vision of the economic and social role of local retail, and represent shopping tourism. They are part of Barcelona Oberta:

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