Loyapp is born, the mobile application that promotes recurring purchases from local businesses

27 de July de 2022

  • Barcelona Oberta is one of the main entities that joins the digitalisation revolution of the associated establishments.
  • Loyappis a new mobile app that helps local businesses boost ltheir repeat sales with a tailored, digital loyalty program that connects with their repeat customers.
  • Loyapp was launched in Barcelona in 2022, and already has more than 1,000 active customers who benefit from the loyalty program of their favorite establishments through the app.

I’m sure you’ve ever been offered a paper stamp loyalty card that ended up lost in your wallet before it was completed. Imagine the convenience of bringing all the cards from your favorite places into a single app where you can earn points and redeem rewards with a single click. Imagine the convenience of bringing all the cards from your favorite places into a single app where you can earn points and redeem rewards with a single click.

The company, which was born in the INICIA program of entrepreneurship for women of Barcelona Activa, was created by Silvia and Carlos, its two founding partners, at the end of 2021 seeing the need

to give digital tools to small businesses to make them more competitive with respect to the big stores. While local establishments continue to retain their customers with paper stamp cards, the most well-known companies have invested in their own applications to retain their customers and identify them when they make purchases at the point of sale.

Loyapp offers local businesses, restaurants and services, a tool to have their loyalty program in digital format, thus avoiding the need to print and, therefore, favoring environmental sustainability. In addition, the same application can be used in all establishments in the network, creating a community of consumers who are committed to local commerce and favoring the circular economy.

Beneficis d’un programa de fidelització al mòbil:

  • Avoid printing cards by giving a more effective solution that fights against paper waste
  • Increase the digital visibility of the loyalty program to reach more people in the area
  • It allows data analysis of actions taken at the point of sale
  • Streamline point validation and reward delivery with a single click
  • Connect with customers through notifications and reminders to encourage them to come back

Through the application, available on Android i iOS, establishments create a profile of their business to show their loyalty program to give it visibility, validate the points

their customers by scanning the personal QR code and receive data on the performance of loyalty actions.

For their part, customers have the digital card where they accumulate points with purchases until they reach the reward marked for each trade and receive reminders of use to keep in touch with the establishment. A convenient and sustainable way to not miss any promotion and save by shopping at local stores.

The network of establishments that you can find in the app grows thanks to collaboration agreements the 23 commercial axes of Barcelona Oberta. Since its launch, Loyapp has more than 1,000 active users who have made more than 3,000 point validations through the app, with a repetition rate of over 60%.

Loyapp received an honorable mention in the face-to-face sales category at the 4th edition of the Technological Ideas Competition for Retail Trade (COMITEC) convened by the Secretary of State for Trade in 2021. In addition, it belongs to the Netmentora Catalunya network Netmentora Catalunya and has been boosted by several incubation and acceleration programs, such as the LIDERA program of Barcelona Activa, or the recent Startup Bootcamp of La Terminal and Fundació Hiberus.

“Our motivation is to create a digital community of local consumers committed to local commerce so that more customers return daily to neighborhood businesses and, in this way, boost the local economy” explains Silvia Romero, co-founder and CEO of Loyapp.

The startup seeks to expand its collaboration network with associations and commercial axes to provide digitization solutions to its associated businesses that help them strengthen recurring sales and, thus, create a positive impact on the city and the economy of the neighborhoods.

For more information about Loyapp:

Silvia Romero – CEO i Co-fundadora de Loyapp. Contact: silvia@loyapp.es / 625051868

Web: https://loyapp.es

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/loyapp Instagram: @loyapp.es

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